Redeemer Counseling Newsletter

3 Steps to Processing Trauma with People

In adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic, and then encountering the nation-wide protests, many of us have experienced strong emotions as we endured isolation and now are witnessing the sobering reminders of systemic racism and its impact on the lives of our neighbors, friends and community. As the protests revealed the unrest of our nation individually and collectively, there may be many mixed emotions each of us needs to process. Moreover, there may be people that you care for and are ministering to that are being deeply affected by these events, along with the ongoing pandemic.

In last month’s toolkit, we discussed the importance of helping people who are experiencing high stress or crisis to be brought back to the optimal zone for processing their emotions, and how to help them find this centered space to invite deeper healing. This month is a follow up tool with a three part framework. It includes questions that caregivers can ask when walking alongside others as they process their thoughts and feelings.



Hilary Chiu, LMFT