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We desire to engage the field of psychology by conducting research examining the effectiveness of Gospel perspectives in the practice of counseling. By observing and sharing with one another, our clinical experts have created a Gospel-centered psychotherapy framework called GIFT (Gospel-centered Integrated Framework for Therapy).

to engage and influence the field of Psychology with the Gospel...

Past Projects

Redeemer Counseling Services has been committed to conducting research since 2012. Our first project by Dr. Tracy Prout was an outcome study that assessed spirituality and its influence on the therapeutic alliance. Since then, Dr. Judy Cha and Elena E. Kim have also conducted qualitative studies to examine the effects of God Image and the mechanism of spirituality on the client's psychotherapeutic experience. Below we list professional presentations and awards granted from these studies.

The most recent research, headed by Dr. Elena Kim and funded with a grant from John Templeton Foundation, was completed in 2020. This study was designed to explore what it looks like for clients to internalize the Gospel and what might be the impact for them.

The research findings, which are a critical aspect of the Redeemer Counseling GIFT approach, made their debut in an academic journal, Psychotherapy, and will be in a textbook published by the American Psychological Association, titled, Handbook of Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapies. The initial findings from this research are already drawing the interest of significant figures studying the integration of spirituality and psychotherapy.


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Prout, T. A., Willig, A. D., Gross, M., Cha, J., & Kim, E. E. (2017). The impact of religion and spirituality in Christian counseling. Manuscript in preparation.


Kim, E. E., Chen, E. C., & Brachfeld, C. (2016, August). Patients’ experiences of spirituality in psychotherapy: A grounded theory analysis. In P. S. Richards & J. N. Nelson (Co-Chairs), Spiritually oriented psychotherapy: Processes, outcomes, and research challenges. Symposium presentation proposal submitted for the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Denver, CO.

Prout, T.A., & Kim, E.E., (2015, August). Christian Counseling: Initial Report on A Large-Scale Study. Presentation at the American Psychological Association Convention, Toronto, Canada.

Prout, T.A., & Kim, E.E., (2014, August). Therapeutic Alliance, Client-Therapist Match, and Outcomes in Christian Counseling. Presentation at the American Psychological Association Convention, Washington, D.C.

Grants & Awards

Kim, E. E., Chen, E. C., Cha J., Keller T. (2017). “Empirical validation of a Christian-integrated psychotherapy framework: A task analysis.” John Templeton Foundation and Brigham Young University.