RCS Update: June 2022

Redeemer Counseling Around the City

In the past few months, Redeemer Counseling Services (RCS) had many opportunities to serve around New York City more. At our first Open House on May 21st, RCS team members enjoyed a meal while sharing an update on our work and needs. Guests were taught how to create more meaningful connections through a workshop on better listening skills, toured our new offices near Bryant Park and connected with ministry leaders.

View the first RCS Ministry Report, which showcases the work we have done this past year, as a ministry that is newly financially independent. 

Our teams are meeting more needs for counseling training workshops and series for ministry leaders. For example in May, the Elm Church in Elmhurst Queens hosted 60 people from over 20 Queens churches to learn how to mourn with hope. The Elm Church also dedicated some time for Cindy Lee, the RCS Development Manager, to spotlight our ministry and fundraising needs.

This spring, Life in the Gospel, a quarterly publication from Gospel in Life, featured how the gospel is changing communities like Elmhurst through intensive counseling training, like what RCS provides, in an article titled, Building Communities that Care for the Broken Well.

The RCS Fellows and Redeemer City Ministry Program cohorts just finished for the school year. And RCS also has several training series planned with other churches in the second half of 2022.

It's exciting to see how God works through the partnerships we have with other ministries. Thank you for keeping our counselors, training and fundraising teams in prayer.

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We recently launched our first-ever RCS Development Committee, an inclusive community of supporters who are committed to expanding our reach and sustaining our ministry and its impact! We welcome your knowledge, network, skills, and talents to ensure that no one is left in need of mental health care during this time.

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Building Habits to Care for Yourself

How do you care for yourself well? Many of us are tired or burnt out, as we have had to take in so much lately. Nearly half of all adults in the U.S. reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder last year (Statista 2022).

At Redeemer Counseling, our counselors believe that God made people in his likeness to dwell in physical bodies. The two parts of being human –the physical and the spiritual–are distinct, yet interrelated. Therefore, when we think about self-care, we have to consider both what it means to be made in his image and to be given a physical body. Here are ways to build habits in five aspects of our wellbeing that you can remember with the acronym ROPES: Relational Care, Occupational Care, Physical Care, Emotional Care, Spiritual Care.*

1. Relational Care - We are made to be in relationship with other people. Be intentional about spending time with family and friends and going to a church where you connect with other believers. Contribute to the communities you live in or belong to with not only your money but also your time. Find ways to volunteer–this helps to build others and yourself up at the same time.

The busier life gets, the easier it is to lose focus on one of or all five of these ways to care for ourselves. The more intentional you are about building these habits, the more your soul and body will flourish.

*Adapted from RCS Counselor Sharon Richards’s teaching and Olga Phoenix’s Self-care Wheel

2. Occupational Care -We are given gifts to display his glory and fulfill his purposes. Find value in what you do for a living. Build in affirmation of yourself for what you do well at work. Take time for lunch, take vacations, build the habit of leaving work at work. If you struggle to have work boundaries, talk with a counselor or trusted friend about how to find the right balance between work and rest.

3. Physical Care - We are given a physical body to exist and experience life in this world. Take care of your body. Attend preventive doctor’s appointments and find an exercise you enjoy to help you stay consistent with it. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Attune to your physical surroundings, to nature, and the beauty around you.

4. Emotional Care - We are made in his image with the capacity to feel an array of emotions. Observe and describe how you are feeling in healthy ways. This can happen through journaling, conversations with trusted friends, or counseling. Build yourself up and affirm yourself to break the habits of talking down to yourself. If social media makes you feel worse about where you are in life, build in limits. Are there parts of your life that always make you feel worse? How can you minimize the more emotionally draining parts of your day? How can you build more emotionally healthy habits into your day?

5. Spiritual Care -We are made to be in relationship with God. Build in time for prayer, fasting, worship, and meditation on scripture. As you practice spiritual disciplines, notice how your body and emotions are taking in these practices. What is easy to do spiritually? What is harder? How do you best connect with God? Reflect on Christ’s place in your relationships, your work, your hobbies.

Liz's Story of Change

"Over time, I noticed my relationships with some family members have changed for the better. My relationship with God is constantly being renewed and challenged. I am learning how to be more mindful in the present moment while being grateful in embracing God’s presence at the same time.

One thing that my counselor shared with me that stayed with me is that I should reframe my thoughts and turn them over to God with an encouraging response. In the midst of suffering, we should draw closer to God because He is truly the only person that understands and knows your heart." — Liz E, former Redeemer Client

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