Angela Adour, M.A.


Angela earned her MA in Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary and a certificate in Trauma and Crisis Intervention from Rutgers University. She began her counseling journey by counseling pastorally, within the local church about 15 years ago, and has spent the years since working with individuals––youth and adults––who have experienced trauma and complex trauma, as well as those who've experienced ministry burnout, church hurt, various relational challenges, pregnancy losses, and women experiencing divorce, separation, and infidelity. Drawing on 18+ years of ministry experience, Angela enjoys taking a Christ-centered approach with clients in helping others process how the hope of the Gospel intersects with their own story. She has lived and ministered in NYC for nearly 15 years, and co-planted a church a few years ago in East Harlem, alongside her husband. There, she serves the church as the pastoral care manager and also oversees the church's pastoral counseling direction.