Redeemer Counseling Newsletter

Helping Clients Wrestle With God In Their Pain

No one likes to experience suffering and pain. But living in a fallen world, it is inevitable that people are affected by relational wounds, losses, traumas, physical illnesses and other painful experiences. And people will use all kinds of defenses and strategies to avoid pain. That is why one of the hardest steps for clients in counseling is to access their pain and accept the reality of their brokenness. As counselors, it can be a challenge to help clients acknowledge their pain and express the range of emotions associated with it. We call this process grieving and accepting, which is one of the four processes within our Gospel-centered Integrative Framework for Therapy.

At Redeemer Counseling, we believe that through this process of grieving and accepting, the most vulnerable parts of the person are revealed. It is in those vulnerable parts that we want our clients to encounter Christ. So, how do we help our clients wrestle with God in their pain? This month’s tool provides a few guidelines to keep in mind as we help clients bring their pain before God.

Also, if you are a counselor and would like to learn more about our Gospel-centered Integrative Framework for Therapy, then sign up for our CEU training workshop in October. If you are a licensed counselor in New York State, you can also earn Continuing Education Units when you have completed the workshop.

Judy Cha, PhD, LMFT
Director and Counselor