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“I just didn’t feel heard or really listened to.” This is what a dear friend of mine shared recently in response to a conversation he’d had with another trusted person in the church where he felt let down. It was not the first time he felt this way. My friend had just been through an unexpected and frustrating life event that created a lot of sudden emotions, potential hardships, and some immediate loneliness. Even over the phone, I could tangibly sense the discouragement and range of emotions he was experiencing. The event was hard enough but, not surprisingly, not feeling heard or validated stung even deeper. 

Many men in our congregations have untold stories of layers of pain and shame, often that they cannot bear to face alone. Sadly, they rarely get the help they are looking for when they reach out. On the whole, pastors do care and do want to help, but can easily send the wrong signal or prematurely move toward problem solving and correction. Men have felt that their experiences have been spiritualized, invalidated, or dismissed, which makes it harder for them to open up the next time. In this toolkit, we will consider three obstacles men may have when coming for counseling and share best counseling practices to address each.

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Daniel Corti, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Daniel Corti holds a Master of Arts in Mental Health Therapy from the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling, along with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Nyack College. Daniel has assisted individuals dealing with depression and anxiety, sexual issues, identity, career planning, and relationship challenges. He also counsels in areas of self image, addictions, abuse, and career/job stress.

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We invite you to join us for an evening of dinner, music, and inspirational testimonies of the journey towards healing. As Jesus is the One True Healer, this year's theme, “The Power of One,” highlights how He uses one person, one moment of kindness, and one act of generosity to transform our lives.

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