Redeemer Counseling Newsletter

Experience Healing by Identifying with Christ in the Psalms

In this unusual pandemic year, the forced isolation has given some people more space and time to delve deeper into their spiritual lives. For some others, however, it has deepened their sense of personal loneliness and deprivation making it even more difficult to draw near to Christ. Whichever the case, most of us have experienced and felt an array of emotions during these difficult months. It is important that these underlying emotions don't get ignored and that people don't just process them on their own, but bring them to God to connect with Jesus, mourn, and heal by internalizing His love and care.

This month's tool provides an example of one way that you can facilitate counseling time with clients to lead them in a process of internalizing the gospel. In this tool, the gospel is experienced by having clients identify with the situations, emotions and biblical words in the Psalms. Once they personally experience the Psalm, then they are also able to identify that it is Christ they are experiencing and connecting to in the Psalm. This tool might be one way to help your clients draw close to Jesus this season.



Ashley Buechele, M.A.