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NOV: Understanding Our Strategies for Self-Redemption

In our last newsletter, the focus was on identifying the strategies people use for self-redemption. This month we will explore what to do next. Before we help people relinquish their self-redemptive strategies, it is important that they know why it is there and how it operates. Distressing emotions can point to a particular deep idol. For example, anxiety points to the deep idol of control. People with the deep idol of control tend to struggle with symptoms of anxiety, but anxiety itself can also manifest as an expression of control. So anxiety can prevent people from interacting with others so that they would never risk rejection (Core Hurt) and feel more defective (View of Self).

The big question to ask is: How can we help clients move from self-redemptive strategies to trusting and obeying God? The process starts with exploring their strategies, which we will go through in this month's tool. Next month, we will share how to help clients address what's driving those strategies, namely, their View of Self, by internalizing the gospel through an encounter with Christ.


Peter Cha, LMFT
Clinical Director and Counselor



Understanding Our Strategies