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Intimate partner abuse is more widely reported than ever before and yet still seems rare in Christian circles. We may assume our Christian faith makes us less susceptible, but the hard truth is that abuse happens in Christian circles, churches and marriages. We may be more reluctant to disclose or we have been taught to respond to abusive behaviors with patience, love, forgiveness, and submission which, in instances of abuse, may leave individuals in harm’s way.

Since intimate partner abuse happens much more frequently than we may realize, it is best to be prepared in advance with a thoughtful plan of action in order to respond well in a crisis.

This month we would like to provide some helpful pointers to help churches and ministries prepare to respond to allegations of intimate partner abuse among those they serve and potentially among their staff.

Tina Choi - Counselor, LCSW

Tina holds a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University. As a counselor, she has many years of experience supporting individuals affected by abuse and trauma. She has also provided professional training in the areas of sexual assault and relationship violence.

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We invite you to join us as we grow in the ways we serve others and please pray with us that these resources will bring healing and renewal to church communities everywhere.

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