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This is a different holiday season than the past two years. Last year, many did not travel home to see their extended families because of restrictions and safety concerns. Two years ago was the last holiday before the lockdowns began. More may gather this year, but keep in mind, many of our families are not in the same place we were two years ago. We have changed. There may be losses. We might see differences that the pandemic has highlighted or old wounds that have resurfaced. Families are complicated and perhaps even more so now.

Given the current climate in which we exist, it is important to check in with the people we serve and help them develop healthy resources and coping strategies for managing the holidays BEFORE the holidays are here. We can also help them to engage God in the process for guidance and strength. This month’s tool will look at steps to help you navigate clients through stressful family events, especially when that family is dysfunctional.


Kate Glerup, Clinical Supervisor, Ph.D.

Kate holds a Master of Arts in Counseling from Denver Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Eastern University. She specializes in the areas of substance abuse and addictions, including behavioral addictions, anxiety, depression, dysfunctional family issues, grief, PTSD, adolescent issues and young adult (single or married) issues.


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