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As the end of summer approaches and more companies are requiring people to return to the office in some form in the fall, the thought of re-entry brings a new level of anxiety for many of us.

We hope for the pandemic to be over and life to return to a new “normal.” But after more than a year of becoming accustomed to social distancing, remote work, and limited activities outside the home, re-entry does mean more shifts, new adjustments, and some losses of time and freedom. Caregivers should be sensitive to people’s level and sources of anxiety. They should also help them identify, express, and navigate through them. This month’s tool will give some helpful guidelines and questions you can use to help your clients with their re-entry.

Additionally this month, because re-entry strategies are on everyone’s mind, we want to offer the virtual workshop, “Navigating and Growing Through Re-entry Anxiety,” on which this tool is based. If you would like to grow deeper and learn more, the description is below.

Ellen Lee

LMHC and RCS Clinical Director


Toolkit PDF

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In this hour-long video workshop, Ellen Lee, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Clinical Director at Redeemer Counseling Services, walks you through how scripture-based principles and insights from neurobiology can help you deal with re-entry anxiety. Because of the widespread need for help in this area, we are offering the workshop to individuals, caregivers, and churches for only $20, a highly reduced rate from our regular workshop pricing.

The workshop includes:

  • An hour-long video workshop
  • Slides from the teaching
  • A worksheet to work through re-entry strategies

Fall 2021 Renewal Groups


This fall, we are also offering remote group counseling for people struggling with anxiety (New York State residents only). You can learn about our group counseling offerings here.