Redeemer Counseling Newsletter

When infidelity is revealed, whether through disclosure or discovery, the couple is in crisis. A trauma has occurred in the relationship. You as caregiver have become the emergency room doctor. The injury must be assessed and a treatment plan begun. The couple should also be referred to a professional marriage counselor.

This month’s tool will summarize some key concepts to keep in mind when a couple initially reveals to you that there has been unfaithfulness in their marriage.

Linda Foran, LMFT
Clinical Supervisor and Counselor


Recommended Resources:

Getting Past the Affair, by Douglas K. Snyder, PhD, Donald H. Baucom, PhD, & Kristina Coop Gordon, PhD

After the Affair: Healing the pain and Rebuilding Trust when a Partner Has Been Unfaithful, by Janis A. Spring

Bethesda Workshops,