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The Increasing Need for Mental Health Care

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has caused widespread mental health support needs and increased the rates of trauma dramatically. Even before the pandemic, over half a million adult New Yorkers were estimated to have depression at any given time. In fact, 2 out of 5 people in the US are struggling with a mental health issue such as anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, domestic abuse or substance abuse. Sadly, the rate is rising.

How You Can Make a Healing Impact

In order to grow and scale our counseling and training initiatives, Redeemer Counseling needs advocates and funding. While we started as an extension of the Redeemer church, we are now learning to become financially independent through donations from individuals. Over 85% of our client sessions are sponsored by our fundraising efforts.

We are launching our first-ever Resource Development Committee, an inclusive community of supporters who are committed to expanding our reach and sustaining our mission and impact! We welcome your knowledge, network, skills, and talents to ensure that no one is left in need of mental health care during this time. And we will have fun together!

RCS Development Committee Member Expectations

  1. Service term: September 2022 through June 2023 (ministry year) with option to renew each year.
  2. Personal financial commitment to generosity during each year, specifically:
    • Personal gift of at minimum $5,000 by end of term OR
    • Personal gift at whatever level you are comfortable with and/or peer to peer gifts, to get to total of $5,000 commitment by end of term
  3. Become familiar with RCS so you can communicate with your peers, specifically:
    • Read our Gospel-centered Integrative Framework for Therapy (GIFT) overview
    • Subscribe to and read the quarterly RCS Update content
    • Attend at least 1 RCS workshop or watch a pre-recorded one
  4. Make every effort to attend all RDC meetings and key RCS events
    • Meetings and events will be in person at the RCS offices or other NYC locations. A remote Zoom option is possible for those outside NYC.
    • Total of approximately 3 meetings:
      1. October 2022 RDC Kick off and Benefit planning
      2. March 2023 Brainstorm for Mental Health Awareness month in May
      3. June 2023 Celebration dinner for existing members and welcome to new members
  5. There will be some follow up work after RDC meetings which can be done on your own. RDC team emails and a google drive/ folder may be used to collaborate and store data.

We ask interested candidates to:

  • Align to the Christian faith
  • Speak with an RCS staffer
  • Provide a professional resume
  • Prefer local NY presence but not required
  • Prior experience with counseling is helpful but not required
  • RDC members will try their best to fulfill the expectations listed above
  • Past RCS clients are welcome. However, this position is not open to current RCS clients in order to preserve the current counseling relationship.
  • RCS and Redeemer staff are also welcome

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Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in learning more, want to nominate someone or have any questions about the RCS Development Committee.

Client Testimony

“My Redeemer counselor has been a tremendous support and rock during my darkest hour. I honestly do not know how I would have navigated this past season without her and am so grateful to her and RCS for the funds to help me find a safe space to receive counseling and healing from past wounds. I have such a deep appreciation for Redeemer Counseling.” - Former RCS Client

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Learn More About the Work of Redeemer Counseling

Redeemer Counseling Services (RCS) vision is to transform people from all walks of life through professional, Gospel-centered counseling, and to equip others to counsel through the redemptive power of the gospel. We are one of the few and largest professionally licensed Christian counseling centers in New York, having served 20,000+ individuals over the course of our 30 year history.

We believe both theology and psychology share a common aim of understanding who we are, what we struggle with, and what can help us. Our approach to counseling is to create a context for healing and growth as people experience the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth of the Gospel in a personal way. We believe our role as counselors is to direct people to the sure hope in Christ to restore and heal.

RCS will continue to provide subsidized 1:1 direct-counseling services in our vibrant center. We are also trying to focus on training pastors, faith leaders, and active caregivers with our Gospel-centered therapy so that they can better meet the mental health needs within their congregations and communities. We believe that what Redeemer Counseling does here in New York reverberates through our country and beyond.