Gospel hope: release from porn and sex addiction

Sexual Integrity For Men

This Renewal Group is for any man who wishes to grow in sexual integrity and wholeness. It is designed to help those who struggle with lust and any form of compulsive sexual behavior, including the use of online pornography. The group will use a book on addiction that will address the roots of addictive behaviors, the addictive cycle, and what it looks like to have freedom in Christ. The group counselor will help participants put the material into practice and will facilitate a time of sharing and discussion. Group members will be encouraged and challenged to grow. This Renewal Group will highlight ways that the recovery process can be more deeply Christ-centered and gospel-driven.

Who is this group for?

This group can be beneficial for a wide spectrum of men. Some men may not be sure if they have an “addiction,” but be struggling to stop certain sexual patterns such as struggles with online pornography. They may wish for a comprehensive, big-picture view of the path to healing, and to understand the issue from a Christian perspective.

Other participants may already feel that they fit with a “clinical” definition of sexual addiction, perhaps assessed by a counselor or through the “SAST” inventory. These men may already be in individual therapy, but now desire a complementary group counseling experience. They may already be involved in 12-step programs, yet wish to engage in a more deeply relational encouragement and accountability through deeper union with Jesus. Whatever the case, we welcome all those who seek to grow in sexual integrity and to live in greater freedom.

Group counselor
Nick Darrell

Further resources
For those interested in simply learning more about the problem and how to develop a strong recovery plan, the following are a couple of recommended resources.

Covenant Eyes: Resources include an extensive selection of articles, recommended books, video and audio podcasts, both for those struggling (both men and women) and for spouses and family members.

Bethesda Workshops and Faithful and True: These organizations host Christian, intensive, residential, three- or four-day programs. Their websites contain many helpful articles on sex addiction treatment.