This group is for any single person who is struggling with the deep desire and longing to be married. Whether you are divorced, widowed, or have never been married, this group will provide a safe place to ask the tough questions such as “Why me?”, “How do I get rid of this loneliness?” and, “Does God hear my cry?”

This group will help you recognize that your identity will only be found in the One who created you. Within the context of a caring community, the group will process who you are in Christ, and the ways you were created to flourish in Him. Some of the themes that will be explored are:

  • Our story in light of His story.
  • Is it okay to be angry at God?
  • The pain of waiting – “How long must I wait, O Lord?”
  • Does God care about me and if I’m alone?
  • Ways to find companionship outside of marriage.
  • Will I ever be whole?
  • How can I flourish in my singleness?

Group counselor

Lois Kehlenbrink