Financial counseling

Financial counseling at Redeemer Counseling Services (RCS) will equip you with biblical financial principles and address practical and introductory financial topics such as budgeting and steps to help you move out of debt and into financial freedom. This is what we offer:

  • Money and finance workshops.
  • Individual financial counseling.
  • Training for churches.

Individualized Sessions:  $50 per hour-long session 

For personalized attention, the practical application workshops can be substituted with individualized sessions or be taken in addition to the workshop. During those sessions, we will create a personalized budget for you or your family. We’ll come up with short-term goals (i.e. paying off debt, getting some money into savings) as well as long-term goals (i.e. saving for retirement, putting aside money for your children’s education). We offer advice on how to talk to and handle creditors, and most importantly, provide the accountability you’ll need to stick with the plan. If you would like to set up an appointment, contact Taylor at


Would your church benefit from having a lay financial counseling ministry? We offer training sessions for both pastors and lay leaders in the fundamentals of building a financial counseling ministry. 

Discover what the Bible has to say about finances. Learn how to create a budget and actually stick to it. Create a realistic plan for getting out of debt.