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A Unique Approach to Gospel-Centered Counseling

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This seven-page paper lays out Redeemer Counseling's gospel-centered psychotherapy framework that covers both the theoretical foundation of human identity and the counseling process that facilitates heart change. Receive this paper free by subscribing to the Redeemer Counseling Services newsletter.

Navigating and Growing Through Re-Entry Anxiety


In this hour-long video workshop, Ellen Lee, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Clinical Director at Redeemer Counseling Services, walks you through how Scripture-based principles and insights from neurobiology can help you deal with re-entry anxiety.

Mourning with Hope Leader's Guide


The Mourning with Hope leader’s guide is designed to help group leaders prepare for and facilitate group meetings. In addition to everything in the participant’s guide, it goes over the goals and principles for grief counseling and grief recovery and offers tips on how to run each session.

Mourning with Hope Participant's Guide


The Mourning with Hope participant’s guide is designed for group members to engage in grief recovery. The sessions are created from a gospel-centered perspective with the purpose of allowing group members to receive emotional support from others, normalize the grieving process, and explore group members’ relationship with God for strength and healing.

How to Minister to Anxious People - Workshop


This is a video workshop offered by Redeemer Counseling Services for pastors and ministry leaders to address the topic of anxiety and how to help people handle and grow through their anxiety.

Introduction To Christian Spiritual Integration in Therapy


The integration of theology and psychology continues to be an interest for Christian counselors that want to include spirituality in counseling. At Redeemer Counseling Services, the premise is that both theology and psychology make significant contributions to deepening our understanding of people, specifically impacting the practice of psychotherapy. For over a decade, a team of our counselors has been devoted to developing the Gospel-Centered Integrative Framework for Therapy (or GIFT). This course will introduce a framework that provides theoretical foundations and core structures for a client-centered therapeutic process.

Pastoral Training for Marriage Counseling – Workshop


This training workshop will equip pastoral leaders to help couples understand their conflicts, strengthen their connection and experience the love and grace of God in their marriages. (Video)

Emotional Connection in Relationships


What makes relationships strong? What does it mean to be close with someone? How does a person you know become someone you trust? The strength of the bond or emotional connection established within the relationship allows those in it to feel close and trust one another. Read more


Redeemer Counseling Services Manual


The Redeemer Counseling Policies and Procedures Manual is designed to be a basic, practical resource for those interested in the administrative aspects of developing a gospel-centered counseling ministry. (PDF format)

Gospel & Stewardship Workshops

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Gospel and Stewardship, divided into two workshops, are designed to give a comprehensive understanding of both a biblical understanding of money and the practical tools to implement that gospel worldview into your personal finances. Topics discussed include theology of money, budgeting, debt reduction and more. (PDF and Powerpoint download)

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