Why do we do what we do?

This September is a time of remembrance. 20 years ago, Redeemer Counseling Services (RCS) was right in the thick of 9/11. Requests for our counseling tripled in the months that followed. Now, in the aftermath of COVID-19, we see requests continue to climb. Our 50 counselors served clients in over 23,000 client sessions last year. RCS also partnered with many church leaders to help them care for a scattered flock.

Why do Redeemer Counselors walk along people in their suffering? We see the needs of our friends and neighbors and do our best to meet them with compassionate and professional care. We want to enter into their tragedies, their heartbreak, and their hard times and model God’s love and understanding for people. Over the past two decades, Redeemer Counseling has refined our unique GIFT approach, increased the counseling services we offer to meet the growing need, and created a supportive environment for clients as well as counselors.

In this update, you can hear RCS Director Judy Cha’s reflection of how Redeemer Counseling and churches in New York leaned into serving people in a city forever changed after the towers fell. And like 9/11, returning to “normal” life can present great anxiety for many people. We would like to share with you a free, hour-long workshop on how to navigate and grow through this time of transition.


Remembering 9/11 and Its Aftermath

Listen to the two-part podcast on The Gospel Coalition, which features RCS Director Judy Cha, Redeemer Presbyterian Church Founder Tim Keller, and Redeemer Presbyterian Church CFO Brian Stanton.

Video Workshop: Navigating and Growing Through Re-Entry Anxiety

This hour-long workshop, led by RCS Clinical Director and Licensed Mental Health Counselor Ellen Lee, was originally hosted in partnership with a NYC church in 2021. For many, this latest worldwide crisis has made it difficult to know how to go back to some level of normal life outside of our homes. The workshop will walk you through how scriptural principles and insights from neurobiology can help you navigate, and even grow through, this uncertain road with more self-awareness and peace. We have also created a free tool for caregivers to help people they counsel deal with re-entry anxiety.

Redeemer Counseling needs your help to become a self-sustaining ministry this year.

Redeemer Counseling is committed to making gospel-centered counseling accessible to those who could not otherwise afford it. Through our sliding scale, 70% of RCS clients pay less than the full rate for sessions. Your support allows us to continue to offer low-income clients our professional counseling care.