Welcome to the first edition of the Redeemer Counseling Update! We want to share more of the healing work that God is doing through Redeemer Counseling because of friends and supporters like you. This quarterly newsletter will include Redeemer Counseling news and the gospel-centered view on issues that many people face. More information about our services can also be found on our website: Redeemer Counseling Services

Meet Redeemer Counselor: Ray Corbo

Early on, I felt the Lord’s calling for me to work with those who were broken and hurting in a counseling setting. My favorite thing about being a counselor is getting to listen to others tell their stories and eventually bring to light the redemptive work that God is doing in their lives.

I grew up in Wayne, New Jersey. When I went away to college, I was the first one in my family to live outside the state! I attended Valley Forge Christian College in Pennsylvania to study Pastoral Ministry, and later switched to Pastoral Counseling. After getting married, I moved back to New Jersey to pursue my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling.

Heather and I have been married for over 10 years and we are incredibly blessed to have Ella, Caleb and Zoe. We attend the Summit Church in Hackensack where Heather sings on the worship team and I teach youth Sunday school classes.

One fun fact, I grew up watching Jets games with my grandpa, and am still a die-hard fan to this day. Watching Jets games after church has now become a family event. I also enjoy playing classic rock music though lately I'm playing more Disney songs for my kids!

Judy Cha, Director of Redeemer Counseling, on Encountering Christ in Counseling

In this video clip, Judy Cha shares that, “Imagination is a unique feature of human nature. Because we have the ability to imagine, we are able to have faith in something we cannot see. We are creating an encounter with Christ using the imagination, and it's very, very powerful.”

How to Minister to Anxious People: Body, Mind and Heart

Redeemer Counseling Services is offering a workshop for pastors and ministry leaders to address the topic of anxiety and how to help people handle and grow through their anxiety.

To minister to the Christian today is to minister to their deep anxiety. Christians are living busier, more distracted lives that require constant choices and involve many pressures.

Early bird rate ends October 24th.

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