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Minors and Families | Sessions and Fees

Adult Intake Form

Redeemer Counseling Services is experiencing high demand and has limited openings for new clients residing in New York State, and, on a temporary basis, for clients residing in New Jersey due to licensing requirements. During COVID-19, all sessions are remote.

Following are the steps to get started with counseling:

  1. Click on the Client Portal. Add your name, your email and a password to create an account.
  2. Complete and save the client Demographic Data.
  3. Click the green button: Complete Intake Forms (time estimate is 20 minutes). Sign and submit all the intake forms.
    1. Please note: Intake forms timeout in 1 week's time, and the account is deactivated. Users can reach out to [email protected] to have their account reactivated at any time.
  4. When your intake form is complete, the Services Coordinator will contact you with next steps.

For assistance, reach out to our Intake Coordinator by email or phone:

From the time the intake form is submitted, it generally takes a week to be matched to start scheduling with a counselor.

Minors or Families

Following are the steps to get started with counseling:

  • Contact the Services Coordinator to send you the intake and consent forms for minors and/or families
  • Complete the intake form(s).
  • Once the intake form(s) are submitted, the Services Coordinator will contact you about scheduling and fees.

Please note: it takes around one week to schedule the first session once the intake forms are submitted.

Required forms for Minors

  • Minor Intake Form
  • Consent for the Treatment of Minors