Ronnie Eng, M.A.


Ronnie Eng received his Master of Arts in Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary and is writing a Ph.D. dissertation on crisis & trauma—focusing on disenfranchised grief & loss in the marriage/family system. His pursuit of understanding people in their cultural context has led him to live on three continents, asking questions that reveal mustard seeds of hope for God's children challenged by: (a) personal growth (young adult high-performance, expectations/stress management, and executive leadership), (b) individual struggles (complicated grief, complex trauma, and stressor-related disorders) and (c) relational conflict (compassion fatigue in marital, parental, and elder care). Ronnie began working with infants/children (ages 2-4) diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the 1990s and has since met his wife while serving adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders through Hope for New York (he was Redeemer Downtown; she was Redeemer East Side). Their greatest collaboration has been teaching their then 1.5-year-old toddler how to worship Jesus Christ in 5 languages, as well as recite entire passages of Scripture so well that she began teaching it to her younger sibling.