Amy Muller, LMHC


Amy Muller holds a Master of Arts in Mental Health Therapy from the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Nyack College. She seeks to provide a compassionate and safe space where clients can let their guards down, receive genuine care, be heard, and understood. She counsels clients who are dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, stress, and low-self esteem. Amy journeys with clients who are experiencing past and current distress, emotional, verbal and physical abuse, and provides therapy to clients facing family conflicts, relationship challenges, unhealthy work environments, life transitions, identity and spiritual issues. Amy supports clients in increasing self-awareness, developing a positive mindset and healthy communication skills, and boundaries that produce the desired changes that lead to a more fulfilling life. With an eclectic and holistic therapeutic orientation, she brings culturally sensitive counseling to individuals whether they are single, dating or married. Amy and her husband have been attending and serving at Redeemer Downtown since 2016. A native Brooklynite, Amy enjoys having deep conversations, reading, cooking, eating, exercising, dancing and being around nature.