Redeemer Counseling Services strives to apply a biblical perspective to the challenges of life. We believe that Scripture is God’s inspired written revelation to humanity. It is trustworthy in providing solutions to human problems and it is the final authority on all moral issues of life.

Our philosophy is holistic. We believe that people are made in God’s image, and to restore health to a person, we need to consider the dimensions of both body and soul. Our goal in counseling is to establish a context of growth by guiding individuals and the community towards emotional and spiritual wholeness.

In order for counseling to be meaningful and effective, it must not only help alleviate presenting symptoms and suffering, but it must also expose the complex and largely hidden desires and motives of the heart.

We believe healing and growth can take place when the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth of the gospel operate together in our hearts. We believe our role as counselors is to direct people to the sure hope and power of Christ to restore and heal.


Our counselors draw upon their professional training, formal education and experiences to address the unique mental, emotional, spiritual and relational needs of each person. In addition to the specialties highlighted in their profiles, our counselors are well-equipped to serve people with an array of presenting issues. While we are committed to a Christian perspective in approaching mental health issues, we are also sensitive to perspectives of other belief systems, regularly counseling people of other faiths and those who do not identify with a faith tradition. 

Partnering Churches

If you would like to partner with us or find out more information, please contact Missy Terrell at Following is a list of churches that partner with Redeemer Counseling Services. 

Matching Gift

Double your giving to Redeemer Counseling! Find out if your employer has a program to match the charitable contributions you make. Even a small contribution adds up to enable us to provide quality care to more people and make a meaningful difference for changed lives.

Contact your Human Resources department to access the gift-match application and follow your company policy on how to process it. Once you have filled out the request, please send it to:

Redeemer Counseling Services
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New York, NY 10036
F: 212-252-0649

Job Opportunities

Services Coordinator (Full-time)

Redeemer Counseling Services now has an open position full time for Services Coordinator. Job description here

Qualified candidates, please send your resume to