Empowering Your Asian American Voice

Registration for Winter 2022 group is now open. If you are interested in Redeemer Counseling's Winter "Empowering Your Asian American Voice" Renewal Group, please fill out this form.

"In this group, we provide a safe space for members to share their experience of racialized trauma. In grieving together for our loss before God, we build community to support each other and process our pain. Our time together helps to peel away the onion of our unsettling past and find peace. I invite you on this healing journey."

- Charlene Wang, Group Facilitator

Due to COVID-19, this group will be held remotely. Available to NYS residents only for licensing reasons.

Dates and time

  • Thursdays starting January 13, 2022
  • 7:30 - 9 PM weekly
  • 7 sessions with last session Feb. 24, 2022


      The primary goal of the group is to process our identity as Asian Americans. Within the group counseling setting, we will examine our experience growing up in America, our family history, our immigration experience (for those who were not born here or did not grow up here), our experience at school and at work, and how racialized trauma affects us throughout. We hope that validation by other group members will strengthen our voice and desire for change. Participants can share their stories, gain empowering tools and information on their identity in Christ and, as an Asian American, and draw from community support.

      This group also aims to provide participants with:

      • A better understanding of racialized trauma.
      • The ability to grieve as well as to celebrate within a safe and professional setting.
      • Deeper dependence on God
      • Tools to empower your Asian American voice.
      • A place to process your family history and identity


      • Full Fee: $385
        • $50 / session made weekly
        • Plus a one-time $35 intake fee for a 25-minute session
      • Scholarships are available
        • Scholarships are income-based
        • Available for those who are working with an individual counselor
        • Priority is given to Redeemer Counseling clients
        • Funds are limited

      Scholarships need to be finalized before the first payment. For more details, contact [email protected].

      Facilitator: Charlene Wang, M.Ed. in Mental Health Counseling